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Providing Sales and Service to Leading Manufacturers Since 1987

1. Increased Sales and Profits

We increase sales and profits through maximum penetration of the market.  By working closely with our dealers, distributors and end users, we are able to expand manufacturers exposure and sales throughout the Rocky Mountain Region.

2. Build Relationships

We focus on building relationships with customers, not just selling. With an exceptional track record of building strong relationships since 1987, we continually work to improve how we can be of service to our customers.

3. Ethical Business

We pride ourselves on representing our manufacturer’s in an ethical and efficient manner. Our goal is to achieve a win/win partnership with both our manufacturer’s and our customers by meeting the needs of both sides in mutually beneficial partnership.


4. Transparent Communication

We keep our customers up-to-date and provide a transparent communication channel between the manufacturer and customer with a focus on securing new opportunities and expanding market share. Our customer feels in direct relation with the manufacturers.

5. Efficiency

Instead of spending time with multiple manufacturer reps, deal with one. We improve efficiency in distribution, shipping and merchandising throughout the region.  Through representation of multiple manufacturers, we are able to make the most efficient use of our customer’s time and our manufacturer’s resources.

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  • Increase Your Sales and Profits
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Achieve Win/Win Partnerships
  • Transparent Communication
  • Gain More Time

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