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Serving the Rocky Mountain Region

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For Utah, Idaho, SW Corner of Wyoming, and Western Montana

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For Colorado, Wyoming, and Eastern Montana

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Serving the Rocky Mountain Region

Serving the Rocky Mountain Region

Providing superior customer service since 1987, we cover Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. Additional representation is also available in New Mexico and Arizona.  Main & Gamble provides better customer service that improves our customers’ sales, profits, and efficiencies.  Our years of exceptional customer service experience and purposeful transparent communication brings successful support for our customers. We put in the hard work it takes in serving the Rocky Mountain region. We know and help guide our customers through the factory processes that can have an impact.

By representing the highest quality products and most competitive suppliers, Main and Gamble excels at serving the Rocky Mountain region. Our travels are organized to expand our customer’s market share. Through the active coordination of advertising and promotions, and training and merchandising with our distribution network, we strengthen the brand recognition of our suppliers. How can we be of service to you?

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